February 26, 2013

"Sugar Upsets My Vagina"

With a title like that, the story had to be good. That was my feeling, anyway. Add in the fact that the piece was penned by Kristina Lloyd, and... well, read what Delilah Night has to say:

Sugar Upsets My Vagina appealed to me on a number of levels.  This story leaves the sugar on the table, and reaches instead for spice.  Lloyd knows which details to include to complete the picture without losing focus...

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Delilah Night is an American Expat living in Singapore. You can find Delilah's fiction in Irresistible: Erotic Romance for Couples and an essay in Glitter edited by Mona Darling. 

More reviews to come shortly, as well as more calls for submissions, and um, more something else. Not sure what. But I'm bound to give you more!


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