February 09, 2013

The Week of the Spanking

I decided to try to do a mini-recap of my spanking stories over the next few days. Why? Because when I was going through the acres of emails in my inbox, I found this:

My hubby presented me with a Kindle for my birthday in 2009. I loved that I could immediately download the books I wanted without the angst of waiting for delivery.

My suggestion list offered a suggestion (ha) of a little short story called Sass. Thank you, Alison! I was hooked and began devouring any spanking stories I could find! I soon turned to the internet and blogs and -- HOLY COW -- there are men that really do spank their wives! It took me a while to finally go to my husband about introducing real honest-to-goodness spanking. Okay, it was February of this year, but he went for it and we couldn't be happier.

Anyhoo, I told him about your little story, how it made me feel, blahblahblah. I suggested he read it. He loved it and now he has dreams of spanking me in a furniture store.

So if you've ever sat around, maybe on a rainy day, pondering whether your writing is changing lives, it is! Sass remains one of my favorite stories ever, and my marriage has never been so solid. And fun! ;)

Sass was also mentioned in Violet Blue's Kink Up Your Kindle feature, in which she said (about me!): "After becoming the world's most prolific and favored erotica author, she's set out making bite-sized mini-collections and $1.49 explicit erotic Kindle bits -- really seeing the medium for what it is and creating iTunes-style, per-song content. It's fabulous, highly recommended, and luckily not a monetary commitment at the $9.99 threshold where most collections are set."

More spankings to follow soon...


P.S. If you like any of my spanking stories (or other stories) and would like to drop me a review, I will feature your words and link to your site. Just drop me a note at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com. I might even send you a prize.

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