March 16, 2013

"Color Me Impressed..."

Before I continue with the Sudden Sex Endless Love Tour—I mean, Blog Tour—I wanted to pause and kiss my novelette "Those Girls," which has been garnering a few fabulous reviews. One fell into my inbox with the opening words, "Color me impressed," which I took literally and have colored the reviews.

When You Want to Try Something Real... reviewed by Jess

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an advance copy of "Those Girls" by Alison Tyler. This story is an eye opener into the real world of BDSM, told from the POV of a lifestyle Dom, and it is smokin' hot. Forget Fifty Shades, which can't even begin to compare to this artfully crafted story, complete with well developed characters who aren't afraid to own what they cum for. Those Girls is the tale of a Dom who thinks he's seen it all, taken by surprise by an apparent undercover reporter/poseur who reveals herself to be the real deal; the hardcore, pain whore sub he's been searching for.

I'm not really doing it justice with my review, but if you're hot for a little pain with your pleasure, download it already. Tyler writes like someone who's been there, done that, and gotten the engraved paddle, and "Those Girls" is perfect for when you want to read something real.


Those Girls reviewed by Present Avery
I love Alison Tyler. Her characters are always compelling, her stories are always well developed and written, and I haven't read anything of hers without getting my buttons pushed just right. This story is no exception.

She had me at "Vanessa looked like a collector's edition you'd keep on your shelf in the cellophane wrapper, never to be enjoyed with sticky fingers." YES! By the time I read this line I KNEW Vanessa, or rather thought I did, just like the protagonist was sure of his first impressions.

Sandy is a dom with a penchant for knowing what subs need, but the beauty in this story is how he is shown what it is that he needs. The bdsm elements are raw and hot and just dark enough to really engage the reader but also significant in the way they propel the story and connect the characters. The last line of the story was a particular joy to me as well.

"Those Girls" not only challenges the perceptions of an experienced Dom, thereby challenging the perceptions of the experienced BDSM reader but also highlights the power that emotion and desire and just being who we are has over our sexual identities.

Such a pleasure!

Better than Fifty Shades of Grey reviewed by Ennui Prayer 
My first mistake was downloading the book at work. It'd been so long since my last Alison Tyler naughty read that I forgot how steamy her prose is. So I hunkered down at the puppet stage with Judy (a puppet), a chicken (also a puppet), and my coworker (not a puppet). Ms. Tyler's imagery blows out of the page (e-page?), filling her readers' heads with all sorts of decadent scenes that not only leave them yearning for more, but yearning for more sex. Not to mention the in depth description of the BDSM scene arouses a question--how much of this is fantasy and how much is first hand knowledge, and can I come with next time around (pun so not intended). This short book is a much more powerful read than Fifty Shades of Grey that it makes that terrible excuse for erotica look like a dorm room sex tape--shaky with a premature delivery.

If you haven't read anything by Alison Tyler, make this book the first one you read. Because they're all this good. The characters are well chiseled and the writing carries an air of expertise.

Thank you to all of the reviewers. What a way to start a weekend!


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Lana Fox said...

I love how your readers are excited about how "real" the sex is in Those Girls...which it totally is. I also love how you tell most of the story through a powerfully hot and complex sex scene. Bravo.