March 10, 2013

"Fancy some 'sudden sex'?"

Of course, you do! And so does Lucy Felthouse who recently took the time to review two stories in Sudden Sex. Lucy reviewed "The Scribe" by Tabitha Rayne and "Crawling Through Temptation" by Elise Hepner. Of "The Scribe," Lucy says: "A smokin' hot quickie by Tabitha Rayne, and one that will appeal to creative and artistic types." Of Elise Hepner's, Lucy says: "Brief, but interestingly sexy, this is a quirky and exciting tale from Elise Hepner."

Read the entire reviews here.

Lucy Felthouse is a chocoholic, a writer, a marketer and a web geek. She's been published since 2006 in magazines, books, and online. I am always impressed by how many projects she has going at once! Find her books on Amazon.

I have more reviews up my sleeve to reveal magically any moment! Now, where'd I put that rabbit?


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