March 20, 2013

I like a story that gets straight to the action.

Giselle Renarde has tackled three of the tales from Sudden Sex. She says, "I love the way Alison Tyler organizes book reviews." That makes me so happy, because I know this is something of a complicated endeavor. There is no real rhyme or reason—I didn't try to work through the book from head to toe. My goal here is to give readers a feel of what the book is like, story by story. Giselle absolutely rose to that challenge. I'm taking tiny snippets of her mini reviews. But you should read her entire piece here.

Rubber Chicken by Thomas Roche:

The under-the-table crotch-rubbing at a dull banquet struck a chord with me, because grabbing in public is something my girlfriend does all the time.
Sugar Upsets My Vagina by Kristina Lloyd:

The story has a dream-like quality as it describes a sex carnival.  A very visual story.  I felt like it was playing out in front of me as I read it.

Clement by Sommer Marsden:

There were certain sentences—very short sentences—that gave me chills. This is the best of short.  It does so much with so little.  A beautiful story.

According to her entertaining Amazon bio, "Giselle Renarde is a proud Canadian, supporter of the arts, and activist for women's and LGBT rights. For Giselle, a perfect day involves watching a snowstorm rage outside with a cup of tea in one hand and a chocolate truffle in the other. Ms Renarde lives across from a park with two bilingual cats who sleep on her head."

Sommer Marsden's erotic novels include Restless Spirit, Long Lost, Big Bad, Learning to Drown, and The Best of Sommer Marsden. Sommer currently writes erotica and erotic romance for Xcite Books, eXcessica, Ellora's Cave, Pretty Things Press, House of Erotica and Resplendence Publishing. The wine-swigging, dachshund-owning, wannabe runner author writes work that runs the gamut from bondage to zombies to humor.  Sommer's short works can be found in over a hundred (and counting) erotic anthologies. Her short stories have also been included numerous adult and romance magazines—both in print and online. Visit Sommer at Unapologetic Fiction.

Thomas Roche's hundreds of published short stories have appeared in more than 200 anthologies. His books include the Noirotica series of erotic crime noir, four books of fantasy/horror, a short story collection, Dark Matter, and two books with Alison Tyler, His and Hers. You can find him at

Kristina Lloyd writes erotic fiction about sexually submissive women who like it on the dark, dirty and dangerous side. Her novels are published by Black Lace and her short stories appear in a range of anthologies, including several "best of" collections both in the UK and the US. Her novel Thrill Seeker is due out in May 2013. Ms. Lloyd's writing has been called "brilliant," "gothic," and "sexy as hell." 

Talk about an all-star blog! Guess what else the trio of writers have in common? They're all in our Anal Sex Trilogy! More (many, many more) reviews to come shortly. For some reason, Blogger's new format takes me a lot longer to wrangle than the old-school way. For some reason, today I lost all my links and my font changed colors. I guess I'm one of those old dogs. I'm loathe to learn new tricks.


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