March 22, 2013

I'm not a rock star...

...but I adored every second of being a deejay in college. And yes, when I was a deejay, we spun albums. Vinyl albums. God, I love vinyl.

Still, every so often I feel like a fucking rock star. No joke. Like when I get to be on a radio show with Tristan Taormino, Sacchi Green, Shanna Germain, Delilah Devlin, and Kristina Wright. I haven't listened to myself—because I am pretty sure I tripped over my tongue a few times—and I think I might even have tripped over Tristan's once or twice. But I did receive a sweet note from someone who did listen, who said: "Great job on Tristan's show. You were so charming and likable."


I am also honored to be featured in Kink-E Magazine, where I got to talk about my latest projects and publishers, like Cleis Press, Harlequin Books, and Go Deeper Press. Thanks to Ms. Marabelle Blue, the owner and editor-in-chief, for taking the time to interview me. Check out the different Cleis Editors all in a row.


P.S. More reviews to air shortly!
P.P.S. Apparently Amazon hearts vinyl, too. I received this in my inbox: Do you love vinyl? Subscribe to Amazon's Vinyl Delivers newsletter, our monthly look at what's new, what's coming out soon, and the best deals in our Vinyl Store.

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