March 14, 2013

"It's a little breathtaking..."

The wonderful Sharon Wachsler reviews Kiki DeLovely's piece from Sudden Sex. Sharon says:

I've enjoyed Kiki DeLovely's fiction in a number of lesbian and mixed erotica anthologies, so I was curious what I'd find when I snuggled up with "For the Moment" for the Sudden Sex Blog Tour.

I was not disappointed! It seems that Kiki's narrator and I have a fantasy in common: being the sole femme in a menage with two butches.

My ultimate butch-on-butch fantasy coming to life. I had felt them moving on top of me -- knew it was inevitable and was quite pleased it was happening so soon -- sensed its fruition just in time to catch that first glimpse of my own personal goddess-sent, ambrosia-dripping dream...

The story starts out right in the thick of the action -- with hands, mouths, and cocks already in intense, hot action. It's a little breathtaking.

Read the entire review here. Visit Kiki De Lovely here.

Since 2002, Sharon Wachsler's erotic fiction has slipped between the covers of numerous anthologies, including three editions of Best Lesbian Erotica and two editions of Best American Erotica. Recent publications include Periphery, Girl Fever, Best Lesbian Erotica 2012, The Big Book of Bondage, and Sudden Sex. Find her on Twitter at @aftergadget.

More reviews to come your way soon. No, not at a theater near you. At this very blog!


P.S. The Carbon Crusader made my day with this mirror.

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kikidelovely said...

I'm totally flattered by this stunning review! Many thanks, Alison, and especially to the brilliant wordsmith, Sharon Wachsler!