March 02, 2013

"Love is a Great Adventure..."

And so is Sudden Sex. One of the coolest things about this collection (if I say so myself) is how unique the stories are. Sixty-nine stories by (mumble, mumble) authors. (I can't remember how many. But a lot.) The pieces are incredibly unique, and I am humbled by the talent in this book.

Calvin has reviewed The Dealmakers by A.M. Hartnett from Sudden Sex:

Alison Tyler's new anthology 'Sudden Sex' collects short stories that promise to be sharp and precise, and 'The Dealmakers' fits that bill perfectly. Annemarie Hartnett has captured the gist of the collection by basing her story on an office-based fling but lacing it with the abruptness of a garage setting for her characters Jessie and Marcus.

Jessie is hungry, and Marcus knows it. The author does an excellent job capturing her female protagonist's intensity without the use of long-winded sentences, and you can almost feel yourself in her shoes as Marcus alternatively teases and then releases her from her desire. The fact that the entire episode takes place in a parking garage keeps you on edge as you are left to wonder if someone will walk in on them or if Marcus really will lift up her skirt and bury himself deep inside her.

Make no mistake, Annemarie Hartnett knows her trade and knows it well.

More reviews to come soon!


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