March 23, 2013

" cup of tea..."

Here we are with two new reviews of stories from Sudden Sex. If you are late to the game, Sudden Sex is a collection of 69 stories by a whole truckload of authors. I've asked writers, readers, and everyone in between to snag a story or two from the line-up and toss me a review. In today's post, I'm serving up a review by L.C. Spoering of Mina Murray's story "Bound to Serve." 

In Sudden Sex, the new anthology edited by the incomparable Alison Tyler, we’re served up stories that park you right in the middle of the action, giving you a one-handed read from the start. What made “Bound to Serve,” by Mina Murray, my cup of tea is, in spite of being thrown into the sex in medias res, it’s easy to feel the two characters have known each other much longer than the span of a couple pages, longer than the orgasm that plays out.

In this tightly-wound piece, the narrator is given the task of confessing her most secret fantasy to her partner, for the two to play out...

The entire review can be found here.

L.C. Spoering—who usually goes by Lorrie and rarely anything else—has a degree in English writing from University of Colorado, and a lesser degree in sarcasm earned from the days of yore on AOL. A storyteller since she started talking, she now spends her days writing, cleaning, cooking, reading and contemplating the universe through various pop culture lenses.

Aha! But here is where the fun starts. LC. Spoering reviewed Mina Murray. And here is Mina reviewing Veronica Wilde:

So. I’ll come straight out and say it. This story by Veronica Wilde pushed my buttons right from the start. Jealousy? Check. Bisexual guy with a piercing? Check. A woman with a hidden agenda? You betcha. There were so many things I loved about this story; from the sensual detail of Hunter leaning over Bridget while he washes then cuts her hair, to the way past and present were woven together as Bridget and Hunter reminisce about their shared ex-boyfriend, and finally to Hunter’s scorching hot confession, and what it leads to (don’t worry, I won’t spoil it). 

Read the whole review here.

Mina Murray is an Antipodean, whisky aficionado and smut-peddler, who can often be found with her head in a book. Her work appears in Seductress: Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire; Best Bondage Erotica 2013; Brief Encounters: Tales of Fast Love (Mischief Books) and Sudden Sex: 69 Sultry Short Stories. Look out for more in 2013 in The Mammoth Book of Quick & Dirty Erotica, and Baby Got Back (Cleis).

I love how Mina Murray's story is L.C. Spoering's "cup of tea." While Veronica Wilde pushes Mina Murray's buttons. Gave me the perfect opportunity to pimp one of my favorite ETSY artists, Trixie Delicious.

More reviews, news, and how-the-hell-are-you's to come shortly.


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