March 01, 2013

Up to My Neck...

I was up to my neck in deadlines today. But now I can take a breath before diving into the deep end of next week's schedule. In an attempt to catch up with the Sudden Sex Blog Tour steam train, here is a stop I missed. Angell Brooks reviews Andrea Dale here. Ms. Brooks says:

Do you think you could come on command? Without touching yourself, or having another bring you to the relief you so desperately crave? That is Connor’s assignment....

Who is Angell Brooks? Miz Angell writes that she is a: "Crazy - creative - stubborn bitch. Fiercely loyal even when not deserved. Love me at my worst - you get me at my best. Soft, furry things make me AWWW; hard, smooth things make me PURRRR. I'm gonna have it all or die trying."

I am trying to post these mini-reviews as they come in. And I'm behind. Yes, very behind. But I will catch up. And I might be wearing a cool little neckwarmer while I do.


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