April 13, 2013

Green on Blue

We return to the Sudden Sex Blog Tour with Sacchi Green, who has chosen to review Cheyenne Blue. (Clearly, I like to keep all my colors together.)

Consequences—Cheyenne Blue

Here I go again, all heated up by Cheyenne Blue’s excellent writing. In “Consequences,” she constructs the story in segments, each given its own heading, with both words and form building toward as steamy a sex scene in “the deep wine-dark shadows” of an abandoned park as you’ll ever read; and then one short, lovely step beyond.

The headings form the framework. “Ty:…Met Michelle:..At the hospital:…He said:…She said:…He did:…She did:…They did:…The consequence was:…”

Different writers could use the same bare bones to write very different stories. The characters, apart at the beginning, described separately. The place of the first encounter. What he said, what she said, as they begin to casually interact. What he did, what she did, as the interaction becomes much more intense and physical. Then, by far the longest section, as it should be, what they did, together, no longer separate but joined in a rush of lust and mutual satisfaction. And finally, simply, the consequence.

Different writers, as I said, could build on the same framework, but only Cheyenne Blue could do it like this, with language both lush and precise. Here are just a few tasty snippets:

Ty used to say he liked his chocolate and his women dark. Chocolate that was black with cocoa, bitter enough that it kicked on his tongue, no sweetness to be found.”

Met Michelle:
Michelle liked women more than she liked men, but sometimes she craved a cock that was veined and warm, that wasn’t strapped on.”

He did:
He took her to a bar; one he knew well, but his friends hadn’t discovered yet. They drank double-strength mojitos until he’d had enough rum to process the signals she was sending him.”

“She did:
Finally, she thought, exultant, and sank lower in the seat so his fingers were pressed firmly against her core.”

They did:
One part of her mind registered that here, finally, was a man who could suck pussy as well as any woman, but the thought flew from her head like a bolting horse as his tongue curled around her clit and reality fractured into a million shining pieces.”

The consequence was:
[This part I’ll leave to you to discover.]

Simple, you might think. But the pacing, the deft bits of characterization, and the red-hot eruption of explicit sex aren’t simple at all. Those are the marks of mastery of the craft.

Sacchi Green has published stories in a hip-high stack of books with erotically inspirational covers, and she’s also edited eight erotica anthologies, including Lipstick on Her Collar, Girl Crazy, Lesbian Cowboys (winner of a Lambda Literary Award,) Lesbian Cops, and Girl Fever. 

Cheyenne Blue mainly writes erotica, but other things creep in from time to time depending on what jumps into her head. She also writes as Maggie Kinsella and Charles LeDuc.

 She lives in Australia (at the moment) but that will probably change someday. She loves to cook, run, play tennis, travel, hike, and be outdoors with a dog. All of those things creep into her stories from time to time.

Wanna play along? Drop me a note at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com, and I'll hook you up with a story or two! We've got some lonely pieces in need of a good home. They won't take up much space, and they're all housebroken. Promise.


P.S. I know I've used these pencils before, but I love, love, love them!

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