July 18, 2013


Okay, I'll let you in on a secret. This is the way into a writer's heart. Yes, yes it is. Pen a review that says: "...the jaw-dropping OMG HOLY FUCK THIS IS HOT story of my reading glut was Alison Tyler’s Giving In."

Ta da. That's all there is to it. This is what A.M. Hartnett recently said after reading one of my Harlequin novellas. The story was originally titled "Two Weeks in Venice." I think the premise would make a kinky novel...with different actions taking place behind closed doors. Or partially closed doors...

Carefully, I pressed closer to the crack in the door.
            What I saw was something shocking. Sasha was over a man’s lap, and her lemon-yellow nightgown was pushed to her slim hips. She didn’t have on panties, and her long, lean legs flailed in the air. The man was spanking her naked ass with a hard-backed black hairbrush, and Sasha’s feet were kicking with each blow.
            After the initial shock of the scene wore off, I took a second to stare at the man punishing my best friend. He was one of the most handsome men I’d ever seen in real life. Dark hair, dark eyes, a stern expression on his face. Not angry so much as fully focused.
            The concept of what I was witnessing did not immediately compute in my mind. I’d known Sasha since freshman year of college. We’d discussed many boyfriends, dating, lovers. Kink had rarely come up before. Was I dreaming? I bit my lip hard, hoping against hope I didn’t wake up back in Joyce’s humble Brooklyn digs.
            No. I was still here. In Venice. Watching my best friend receive a bottom-blistering spanking. And from what I could see, I’d missed most of the show. Sasha’s normally pale skin was cherry-hued.
            “Lou’s been waiting for you,” the man said. “He wanted me to tell you that he’ll be going here tonight.”
            He licked his finger and parted Sasha’s rear cheeks. Gently, he touched her asshole. Sasha shivered. So did I.
            Sasha was going to fuck Lou? The man looked like a bouncer outside one of the meaner New York clubs. I crossed my legs, but kept staring through the crack in the door.
            “You’re such a tease, girl. He’s been waiting since December,” the man continued, and now I watched, my mouth open, as he slowly started to push his finger into her hole. My pussy tightened I continued to stare, as the man firmly began to finger-fuck her asshole. “And you’re going to let him, aren’t you?”
            “Yes, Sir.” Her response was barely audible.
            “Because I’m a dirty little slut, Sir.”
            Shit. Sasha was a dirty little slut? My friend Sasha? This had never occurred to me before.

You can buy Giving In for just about $2.50. If you do, let me know what you think! Could there be a sequel? A series? A (wait for it) trilogy?


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