August 13, 2013

A Progressive Blog Party

My Banging Rebecca blog tour is more like one of those parties where each house—or each room in a dorm, if memory serves—offers a different experience. I'm not the type (as you all well know) to plan things ahead. To schedule and assign. To know what day it is. So here are some of the places I've visited thus far for Banging Rebecca. Check them out one by one, or hit them all in a flurry.

A.M. Hartnett
Tamsin Flowers
Vida Bailey
Erzabet Bishop
Graydancer wrote a review that was too hot for Amazon!
Angell Brooks has written a post for me, and I'll be stopping by her place again soon!
Heather Day

There's a little bit more about the story waiting for you at each stop. If you do buy and like the novella, please hit me with a review. If you are interested in hosting me on your blog for this story or for Dark Secret Love, I'm all yours.

Bottoms up!



Annemarie said...

Ahem, I was informed there would be snacks and fruity girl drinks. Someone had eaten all the snacks and drank all the girly drinks.

BR was a great read, Alison, so glad you decided to pimp this so I could sink my teeth into it, and I loved getting a glimpse of how it (and GI) came to be when you guest-posted over at my blog. Really looking forward to reading the rest of your catalog in the next few months!

Miz Angell said...

I'm working on the post. However, outlook has decided to be a bit of a bitch this morning, so I can't currently access the email.

GRRRRR...someone wanna pour me a mimosa?