November 21, 2013

Gray's Shelf

I grew up in a house that was filled to overflowing with books—basically the experiment of what happens when a publisher marries an author. I still remember the order of the titles on some of the shelves: Gorilla, My Love; When I Say No, I Feel Guilty; The Dance-Away Lover; Chips off the Old Benchley. (I have no idea what any of those books are about—but they lived next to each other on the top shelf.) There were bookshelves in every room of the house—including the kitchen. I don't think I've ever visited another house with as many titles on display. 

Maybe this is why I'm so fascinated by the way other people showcase their books. Here's a delicious example from Graydancer:


Presented for your enjoyment, this is the bookshelf right next to my desk. It's sadly lacking your books, which is embarrassing, but which I hope to remedy (my kindle suffers from no such malady). The books are a mishmash of fiction, reference, classics, and some psychosocial theory of sexuality so that I can pretend to be intelligent when I have guests. 

Loving your work as usual,

If you'd like to send me your snapshot and a write-up about your book collection, please hit me at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com. I'll keep posting as the pictures arrive.


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Annemarie said...

I love mismatched bookcases filled with so many genres like this. Really shows that the owner loves diving face-first into a book. I see quite a few books I have as ebooks -- and one that I have a story in :D