November 28, 2013

Thank you.

Today I am especially thankful for feeling human, because I've been fighting a cold for a week. Editing was difficult. Thinking was sort of a stretch. Breathing was... well, you get it. Today, I'm back to being mostly me, which is a relief.

I am also extremely thankful for so many people—near and far—in my world. Everyone who has stopped by, sent wishes, been friendly, reached out a hand, reached out a heart, been a dear, not fled... all y'all who've supported Sommer.... thank you. I'll say it again for anyone new, going through something like this... well. Yes. We've been there. The diagnosis. The radioactivity. The hell. The fear.

The worst part for us was the fact that friends disappeared. Poof. Gone in the night. I am beyond thankful for the rest of you.

So on this day, I will say, thank you for staying.


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