December 11, 2013

I stole this.

Yes, yes I did. And I'm not ashamed to say that. I stole Sommer Marsden's bookshelf photo right off of Twitter and posted the snapshot here, for all to see. About her books, she says: "Downstairs. You, Palahniuk, King, Laura Lippman, Jennifer McMahon, Gillian Flynn, Anne Rice. Eclectic!"

You still have time to send me your own bookshelves, because my contest runs until... oh, wait. This one isn't a contest. I'll put up the bookshelves whenever they arrive in my box. Where are yours? Who do you keep lined up next to each other?

Okay, that reminds of a line in The Rap Factor by Delacorta. The character mentions a Don Delilo book. Don Delillo was often right next to Delacorta on bookstore shelves. (Me being me, I then checked out the same book—White Noise. I don't remember that book at all. Only the reference in this one.)

So yeah, I suppose I've always been a little obsessed with shelves. In other Sommer Marsden shelf news, there's...

Yay! Look at that! Now, if everyone goes into their brick-and-mortar bookstores and asks for a copy of Restless Spirit, and then takes a picture, and sends the pics to Sommer... wouldn't that be so cool? Violet Blue said, "Marsden is one of my favorite erotic authors."


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