December 16, 2013

The Grand Reveal! The End of the Line!

The Smut Marathon 2013 has come to its last brilliant stop. At several points, I was pretty sure we were going to have a three-way tie, which seemed fairly appropriate to me. Because these writers are all stellar. However, at the very end, we've found ourselves with a first place winner:

Mr. Gillespie's Master Class was written by Laila Blake

...and a tie for 2nd!

Hot and Cold was written by Molly Moore
Moonlighting was written by D. Sadie

I am so impressed with these talented writers. In fact, I'm so *very* impressed that I am going to (with their permission, of course) be subbing their stories in one of my upcoming anthologies. (More details to come, because I will be posting an open call shortly.)

Thank you to everyone who participated, to all the readers who voted and the writers who wrote(d). Heh. I'm considering running another Smut Marathon for 2014. Are writers willing to play along again? Let me know.


P.S. Please stop back for more bookshelf porn and economical gift guides shortly!

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Geeky Nymph said...

Yes I am very interested in participating in the 2014 Smut Marathon! xoxo