January 31, 2014

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My deadline and I—well, we've moved past first base. (That's kissing, right?) We're down to bras and panties, and I feel I've earned a break. You know, before the tickle fight begins. Which means...

This is a brainstorm I had the other day. Cheyenne Blue said she could pick me out of a line-up. Which I loved. I feel this way about certain authors, too. I know the way they string words together, and I am always a little pleased with myself when I am right.

So I thought I'd make a game. Every week (give or take) I'll post excerpts from erotic authors. I won't say who wrote which—but I will tell you who's playing along. You (the readers) try to match the author to the excerpt. (No cheating. Okay? We're on the honor system here.) Post your guesses in the comments, and then I'll do a reveal after a few days and we'll match each author to the excerpt (and pimp and promo the books and all that). Does this make sense? I hope so! I thought I'd start with five—and see how this works.

This week's authors are:

Kathryn O'Halloran
Xan West
Sommer Marsden
Tamsin Flowers
Alison Tyler

The excerpts—not in the order of the authors—are simply going to be labeled with letters. So then you might guess: Excerpt A, by William Shakespeare (you know, if he'd entered my contest).

Excerpt A:

I ran my hands up and down his torso, feeling the swell of his erection against me.  God, how I loved this man's cock. I reached my hand down to it and he let out an appreciative moan as I enveloped it with my fingers.  It was fully erect, hard as a glass dildo beneath its covering of soft, velvety skin.  I ran my index finger up and down the shaft and he bucked underneath me.  Then I stretched down to cup his balls, holding them as gently as bird's eggs, working them a little against each other while I whispered in his ear.  He turned his head and caught my earlobe with his teeth, nibbling gently until I giggled and pulled away.

I shuffled back down the bed until I was in a position to take his cock in my mouth.  But before I sucked it in, I showered it with a flurry of little kisses, up and down, still holding his balls but now tugging a little.  Galen groaned and his cock grew hot, the head pulsing under the touch of my lips.  I pushed the tip of my tongue out between them and let it make contact with the soft skin at the apex of the head.  I felt the tiny slit and tasted the salty pre-cum that leaked out of it and then I opened my lips and drew him into the warm cavern of my mouth.

 Excerpt B:

“What are you doing? The fuck you think you’re doing?” As the man yanked open his father’s buckle and pulled the belt free. Parker’s eyes took a tour of the room—looking everywhere but at Clint. Helpless and unable to do what he knew he had to do.

Clint didn’t seem to mind. He wrenched down Parker’s slacks then pushed him over the mattress. When Parker flinched, tried to stand up, Clint got tough, gripping both of his wrists in one hand and holding him steady.

Fucking hell, man. Clint had thirty pounds on him and twenty years at least, had to be fifty-something. Yet there was undeniable power in his grip, and when Parker gave a test pull, he heard the low chuckle under Clint’s breath.

“You’ll hold still for this, boy. If you know what’s good for you.”

Parker turned his head away, bit his lip, felt the terror in his heart. But he stayed put as Clint whipped the tar out of him, licking him long and fast with that old leather belt, before kicking his legs apart. Parker crying for the first time in god knew how long. Not just tears streaking his face, but sobs—a sound he didn’t recognize, one he couldn’t remember ever having made before.

There’d been power in the way Clint held his wrists, but now there was just the mechanics of the act. Spit on his asshole, Clint’s cock pressing there. Parker couldn’t think, couldn’t speak, could hardly breathe, but he did what Clint had told him.

 He held still.

Excerpt C:

Matt put his hand to his chest in mock shock. “Oh no…not…naked.”

I nodded. “Yes, naked. And I wanted to…I wanted you,” I said, despite the fact that my face felt like it had caught fire. “And I figured if I was bold enough to admit it at my house earlier I should be able to just put on my big-girl panties and say it to you. Even though it is utterly insane. Like lock-me-up crazy.”

I took a deep breath as if I’d just surfaced from swimming.

“So that’s what you have on then?”

I blinked slowly, trying to figure out what he meant. The fingers of his free hand curled in the waistband of my gray leggings and he pulled me toward him. I took the staggering step and realized I’d been forgetting to breathe.

“What?” I finally gave up and asked.

“That’s what you have on? Your big-girl panties?” He pulled my waistband out and peered into my panties.

My heart shot up into my throat and then started beating in my temples. I couldn’t remember what panties I had on. Shit, I couldn’t remember if I had panties on.

“No,” I sighed.

He pushed fingers into my knickers and simply cupped my pussy. His hand was insanely warm and his middle finger curled snug to the split of me, pressing very gently against my clitoris.

All the air had left the room. All of it. I felt like a fish out of water. A girl chained to the bottom of the pool. I was drowning.

But then he kissed me and I could breathe.


Excerpt D:

Punching on the pecs is one of my favorite things. With a guy like this, who is so strong, to make the kind of impact I want, I needed to up the ante. My lead shot gloves do that nicely. I rammed my fist into him, and felt the difference. Punches on the pecs are hardest on the mind. Blows are coming dangerously close to your face, but you are supposed to offer yourself to them. The deep impact jolts the wind out of you, and makes you feel like you have no defenses, like your strength won’t protect you. I could see it register with him, now, as I slammed force into him—that he was giving up his armor; that he had no control, had given it to me; that he was naked before me, and I was going to reach inside and take what I wanted from him.

My dick was throbbing as I watched him take it. He kept balanced, breathed with it, but his eyes just looked so raw and young all of a sudden, like I had reached past his toughness, slid through whatever was haunting him and found the part of him that was vulnerable and hurting. I just kept pounding him, knowing it was going to break through, watching for it, until it burst through his eyes. Tears slid down his face and he just kept standing there and taking it, letting it bubble out and through. It was gorgeous to watch.

Excerpt E:

I laughed. I did feel a little better.

Satoshi grabbed my wrists and pulled me up. For a minute or two, I just giggled. I don’t dance. I’ve never danced. I don’t even know how to. I moved a little, trying to fake some style and soon my hips found the rhythm of the music. This wasn’t so bad. I could do this. I closed my eyes while I swayed with the music, knowing both of them were watching me. I felt sparkly and shiny.

Tom moved around behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. I felt so safe and warm. We moved like that for a moment and I giggled nervously until his lips brushed against my neck. A shiver ran through my body and I leaned back, sinking into him. He began to nuzzle my neck with soft nips.

Satoshi joined us and ran his fingers down over my skin, tracing patterns on my belly. As I squirmed with ticklish pleasure, I rubbed against Tom, feeling him go hard.

"I think she likes it," said Satoshi.

"A little too much," replied Tom. "Maybe we should stop."

"No. Don’t stop."

They both laughed and Tom moved his hands up to my nipples. I shivered and I giggled and I moaned; my fears draining away and my mind numb with pleasure. Keeping myself nice had never felt this good. It was like something had been awakened inside of me. Some wild, slutty part of me was taking control.


Ta da! That's it. Oh, man. I so hope this all makes sense. Play along, please!


P.S. If you want to send me an excerpt for next time, please choose approximately 250 words from one of your projects. I forgot to put in my standard rules before, but please make sure your work follows my standard rules: no incest, underage, bestiality, or non-consent. (Not only in the clip you send, but in the whole work, because I am going to be linking.) Send me your excerpt to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com. Include your name and where the work appears and your Twitter or blog or whatever...


CJ Lemire said...

Excerpt C is Sommer. I'm fairly confident of that. I think I know which one is yours, too, but want to think about that a bit more, along with the others.

jadeawaters.com said...

Okay, I'm ready to do this! I have to admit that I've read one of these pieces before, but I won't say which so as to not give it away to the next person. However, I recognized the style before I recognized the short story, so I'll call it fair. :)

I'm pretty sure it's:
A. Tamsin Flowers
B. You, Alison Tyler
C. Sommer Marsden
D. Xan West
E. Kathryn O'Halloran

I think. I think. I had a bit of a debate over two of them...

CJ Lemire said...

Okay, I'm sticking with my gut instinct for my second guess. Excerpt B is you?

I need to think a little more about which one I think is Tamsin's. The other two authors are unknown to me so trying to match them with their excerpts will be complete guesses on my part.

On the bright side, I have two new authors to check out!

CJ Lemire said...

I'm going with Excerpt A as Tamsin. Not going to hazard a guess on Kathryn and Xan, as I honestly have no idea.

Olivia Summersweet said...

I'm new to the erotica world so I can't venture a guess this time. However, I'm about to be published in a handful of anthos and would love to participate in the next round as a writer. You advised sending an excerpt, but either I'm not caffeinated enough yet this morning, or I'm simply too clueless, to figure out where to send it to. Can you advise? Thanks! (I am following you on Twitter, which is where I saw the announcement.)


Alison Tyler said...

The info for subbing for the next round is in the P.S. on this post.

And ... you guys are good! Wow! Will reveal the line-up (and where the stories came from) tomorrow.