February 08, 2014

Blue & Green

My Delicious Torment tour just took a colorful turn. For those of you following along, please head over to:

•  Cheyenne Blue
•  Sacchi Green

In lovely news, The Delicious Torment is now available on Kindle and Audio! Speaking of "audio," I made a mixed tape... Pinterest board. I'm still dying to hear (heh) your dream mixed tape. Share your songs with me.

But back to colors. I thought I'd put up a snip from one of my (several) novels in progress. (I'm juggling right now, as ever.) This piece that feels as if the colors are important:

There was a folded, frayed towel waiting for her on the closed toilet seat. The towel was a faded fish-pink color, which made her think that there had been a woman here at some point. A man wouldn’t have picked that color. But based on the quality of the towel, the torn threads hanging down, there hadn’t been a woman for a long time.
            He was waiting for her in the bedroom. He was under a sheet, smoking, and she thought of different men she’d had sex with over the years. The husband who had been the only one for the past seven. But nothing had ever been like this before.
            She started crying as she came to the bed, but not because she didn’t want to fuck. She started crying because she was going to have sex with a stranger and that if someone had told her a year ago that this would be her life she’d have laughed. She would have thought the conversation was crazy talk, like saying she’d suddenly become an astronaut. She had matching luggage, for God’s sake. She had a walk-in closet.
            The man was waiting. He stubbed out the cigarette. He pulled back the sheet. She dropped the pale salmon-colored towel and got in the bed next to him. When he touched her, she felt her loneliness start to fade away.

We'll call this one "Figment" for now. I gave a sliver earlier, here, calling the work "so new it doesn't have a name." Then I gave it a name.


P.S. And then Violet Blue mentioned a mixed tape—overlapping both my color-theme and my mixed tape theme.

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