February 23, 2014

"One of my favorite explicit novels, ever."

Recently, a reader told me she thought Dark Secret Love was my first novel. I am so proud of DSL, and I believe it took me writing all my other books to get to this place. That said—not to sound like a slut, but Dark Secret Love was far from my first.

So I thought it might be interesting to go back and visit some of my earlier work.

My first novel came out more than twenty years ago—when my hair was black and my Docs were glossy. (Oh, wait. My Docs are still glossy.) I was lucky enough to have slid my way over the transom to Masquerade and then to Black Lace. I think Sticky Fingers was my third novel for Black Lace (if memory serves). The book has received a few facelifts over the years, but this cover is my favorite. (The title is also available now on Kindle.)

The other day, I tripped over this ten-year-old review 4-star on Romantic Times:

Private detective Nick Hudson's latest case has him tailing a prestigious buyer for an import/export company suspected of shady dealings. Nick believes Jodie Silver can answer his questions about what's going on behind the doors of this supposedly reputable company. His stakeout hits a snag, however, when he gets distracted by the sexual escapades of this delightful minx.

Jodie has a fetish for the dom-sub world, exhibitionist sex and thievery.
 She leads Nick on an erotic chase where
he spies her reveling in one decadent encounter after another. His hunger for Jodie grows each time he watches her
 surrender to another man—or another woman. And each time he wonders if this sexy thief will ultimately surrender to him?

Sticky Fingers will appeal to erotica fans who aren't looking for sweet romance or a traditional happily ever after. With their single-minded attention to debauchery, the characters are difficult to sympathize with, but they are, nevertheless, 

(Alison Tyler aside: I didn't know I was supposed to write HEAs. In fact, I didn't even know what one was for years. And my take on a "happily ever after" has always been somewhat skewed. Case in point: Happily  Ever Anal.)

Violet Blue says: "One of my favorite explicit novels, ever. A very sexy noir-style romp through San Francisco where the main character is a jewel thief. There are many vivid, well-crafted sex scenes, spanking scenes, threesomes, orgies, and more. The private detective in the story who trails the main character is right out of a Chandler book."

I love Chandler. I have read every short story. Every novel. Thank you to Ms. Blue for the out-of-this-world compliment!


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