February 28, 2014

"She makes me want to be her..."

Stepping back into the past once more, here is another of my Virgin novels.

I wrote Rumors—(or "Rumours," love the British spelling)—for Virgin's "Cheek" imprint about a decade ago. I think the book originally came out in 2005, but I'm not terrific at keeping track. My notes for the novel are here, and they're insane. But that's the way my notes usually look. I always promise I'll get myself more organized next time. With neat-looking notes. A binder. Color-coded highlighters. But no. I scribble. I spiral. I circle this way and then dart around back. (For other writers' notes, check out this blog: Scruffy Jottings About Filth.)

Reviewers said:

"Rumors has Ms. Tyler's characteristic incredibly hot pleasure/pain sex. With multiple story lines to follow and interesting sexual identities to meet, you can't go wrong with ANY of her stories. Alison Tyler's work has a feel to it that I have not encountered in any other erotic writing. She makes me want to be her (the main character) even when she sometimes gets betrayed or hurt. If you like edgy, interesting, and HOT, this book and Ms. Tyler are for you."

"I've read and finished two novels this week from Alison Tyler, which is testament that she can keep a story going strong with steamy sex, believable characters, and witty dialogue from start to finish. Rumors is set in a small town so there are lots of characters to keep track of, but you can actually imagine yourself right there in the town. Kind of makes me glad I'm a city girl! The supporting characters are just as engaging as the heroine (I could have done with a little less of the cheating boyfriend, I was ready for Charlie to give him the axe sooner than she did), and a lot more of sexy cowboy Cody. And I think musician Noah deserves a spin-off, I wanted to see more of him. This one is definitely a keeper!"

The novel is also available as a Kindle

After reading the second review, I'm thinking of revisiting the characters for a sequel. I'd love to follow Noah a bit this time!


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t'Sade said...

I absolutely adore that cover. Yummy.