March 02, 2014

The Writer's Workout

I woke up from a dream in which I was participating in a new type of contest. Half Nanowrimo (is that spelled right?), half 30 Days to Better Abs, the challenge was called THE WRITER'S WORKOUT.

No joke. You signed up, told the company the title of the book you were hoping to complete and what your personal workout goals were. You had to be serious and turn in a complete outline and summary for your project that would be approved by an editor on staff. A trainer created a program just for you that went something like:

Day 1: 1,000 words
25 leg lifts
25 crunches
25 sit-ups
1 mile jog

Day 2: 1,500 words
30 leg lifts
30 crunches
30 sit-ups
1.25 mile jog

The assignments became increasingly more difficult as the month continued. The trainer was intense. (You know me and trainers.) And the staff editor was sadistic.

The book I chose to work on was a cuckolding one I've got in the wings. The thing is, I tend to write on multiple projects—and I have a few novels (if "a few" means 17) that I flounce between. There's The Lizard Queen, Girls Who Wear Glasses, A Husband A Day, Fair Deceiver, Figment, The Great Distraction... In the dream, I decided the way I'd finish the books is by doing The Writer's Workout—a different book and a different challenge each month. By the end of the year, I'd have a slew of finished novels and a smoking body.

And now, you know what? Even though I'm laughing as the wisps of the dream fade away—I'm kind of thinking I might.



Jo said...

You should probably pitch this to a tv station, I can see it being incredibly popular!

oliviasummersweet said...

…and must do it on Amtrak…??

Delilah Night said...

It's sad how part of me was nodding along to say "that is an AWESOME idea"

Miz Angell said...

I think it's a great idea in theory. How I'd actually do in practice is another story altogether...prolly not so good...

But hey! If you've got it in you to do it, go for it! I'll cheer you along, bring you water and wipe your brow...