April 20, 2014

Choose Your Weapon

Oh, I love this. I am a t-shirt addict, but this one may have made my top 10. That said, I don't have a favorite pen or type of pad I prefer. On my desk right now (just wrote "write now") is a pink BiC Cristal that I like. But I'm equally as happy with the ancient pencil from the Paramount Hotel to my left. I write on everything. My hand. Receipts. Junk mail. I buy notebooks that get no use. I tend to flail at traffic lights in order to find some scrap of anything so that I can jot a note to myself. I often walk around with words on my skin.

And then my notes end up looking like messages in foreign tongue. I need Babblefish to translate my own writing!

But I have decided to do something off-the-wall. If you review any of my indie books (on Amazon or on your blog or on *my* blog) I am going to write you a note. In my special, secret handwriting. (Kidding! I'll make it legible. I promise.) And I'll send it through the actual mail. Yes. Not email. Not g-mail. But snail mail. Knowing me, there will probably also be a fortune fish in the envelope. (Because I adore them so.)

How do you get a note from me? Let me know when your review is live. (Or send me the review to post here.) And hit me with your mailing address. I'm at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com. I've got pretty stationery standing by and ready. My hands are all limber. My fingers are tapping. Give me a reason to write to you!


1 comment:

Miz Angell said...

You are brilliant! How are you not in publicity for a media mogul?

SIGH. I wanna be you when I grow up (well, a mix of you, Dayle, and Sommer. That could be fun. )