April 06, 2014


I just learned this term a few days ago. (Thanks, Darius.) I'm so bad with acronyms. (God, it's an acronym, right? Like SCUBA. It's not an anagram. Holy hell.) Anyway, I'm 96.2% done with my new kink book. And I think the kink bled into my dreams.

See, last night, I dreamed I was married to a kinky man. (No big surprise there. Right? I could have just looked over in bed.) But this kinky man had a different type of kink streak. He kept making me do math. In fact, I remember one problem. It was 9s = 6s. Please don't judge me, but in my dream I cross multiplied. So I had 54 = s squared. Then I tried 9s - 6s = 0

When I woke up, the real kinky husband solved the problem for me. (With no hesitation.)

In the dream, I kept being punished for not being able to do the math. I think this was far more of a nightmare than a sex dream, although the sex was, in fact, sublime. And often based in San Francisco—perhaps because I'm so enamored by Violet Blue's candid shots of the city.

Back to YKIOK. I learned that this means Your Kink Is OK. Which is great. I have to remind myself this when I edit, because I never to put together a collection of only my *own* kink. I guess you would call that THE BIG BOOK OF ALISON TYLER'S OWN PERSONAL KINK. And there'd be a fuckload of spankings, handcuffs, punishment, discipline, gangbangs, oh, but I digress. If I focused solely on what turns me on, I might leave out fetishes that work for others. Soooo I try to hit all the marks. To flick every on switch. To turn the heat to high.

Now I am going to slide over to a different project before giving the book one last major read. This anthology contains 69 stories and equals 80,000+ words written by 40+ authors.



P.S. And then I bought myself this shirt as a reward.

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oliviasummersweet said...

I found this thread on Fet about a year ago and saved it: "Is there anyone else that is attracted to the idea of either being bound and doing calculus or tying someone up and having them do mathematics? I am extremely turned on by this idea and would love to explore it further." Then someone says: "I am totally into this" and another one says "I love vector calculus and masturbation."