May 01, 2014

Never Say Never: The Beginning

Never Say Never is a book that began while I was working on Never Have the Same Sex Twice. In fact, here is an actual email I wrote to my publisher dated June 2008 when I was preparing to turn in my manuscript:

I'm coming to a close on Never Have the Same Sex Twice, and this is what I realized: It's actually *two* books. Because while I've maxed out the page count, I haven't really gotten to the kinky/fetish stuff yet. I am in love with my book—it takes couples from fantasies and setting the stage to making the most of their memories and dirty dreams, to jazzing up ambiance in their boudoirs, using each room in the house, venturing into the great outdoors, choosing sexy underclothes, etc. etc. etc.

But I haven't really fleshed out my chapters on kink yet. Toys, Fetishes, BDSM. Porn. And so I realized (in the shower, where I get all my ideas)—It's two books. Never Have the Same Sex Twice and either Never Have the Same (Kinky) Sex Twice or Never Have the Same Sex Twice: The BDSM Edition.

Not to worry that Never isn't kinky. Because it is. It's just that in order to do service to the harder core kinky side of monogamous relationships specifically, I think I need another 200 pages, and I'm over 200 as it is.

Hope this plan works for you. I'm so in love with this guide, I can't imagine other people won't be, too. There are 100 sexy snippets from my all-time favorite stories, 15 full-length stories, and fantasies from readers, stories from writers, etc. Just chock-full of material.

So this book was years in the making, which is part of the reason (I think) that I occasionally feel like I am never able to get anything done. I mean, if you have a flicker of a concept in 2008, and a book comes out in 2014, that's six years to fruition. But I think this guide was worth the wait—and I hope readers do, too!


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