May 13, 2014

Poster Boy for Awesome

...I mean Average! Sommer Marsden is awesome—I merged the two sentences in my head. Check out her delicious new cover with the most adorable boy of all time posing in that, oh, come on, just kiss me kind of way.

You all know by now how I feel about Sommer. (I feel good. You knew that I...) I mean, I have been her virtual friend—literally (heh) for more than seven years. When I was going through my 19th nervous breakdown, Sommer was there for me.

And now she's here. For you. With her brand-new ever-so-clever Poster Boy for Average:

There’s something about just a hint of danger. Just a touch of force. Just a sliver of rough in the tumble. Mike Sykes is a sweetie of a hero. He’s quick with a smile, a joke and to help. He’s self-deprecating, a good dad, he frets over his kids and he frets on Audrey’s behalf when he starts to understand her attraction for him.

Which is why the very first time that little bit of…oomph, that too tight grip, that breath-taking need makes an appearance it’s so wonderful. At least I think so. It’s the unexpected bite of a pinch of cayenne in a sweet dessert. The sudden dip that makes your stomach drop when you’re driving fast down what appears to be a flat, unwinding country road.

That little bit of something that makes a wonderful thing a perfect thing.



Indie photographer and book cover artist Aubrey Singleton is living up to her last name. A long summer at the lake has cured her of her recent breakup, and she’s embracing life as a single woman. What she’s not prepared for is to come back home to find she has a handsome new single neighbor.

Mike Sykes is a roofer—though he’s afraid of heights—a father of two and recently divorced. Oh and one might classify him as smoking hot.

The photographer in Aubrey is smitten, the single woman in her is breathless. She’s ready to make Mike a star—on book covers and, though she’s wary of a broken heart, in her life. He’s not so sure. Mike sees himself as a life complication due to his younger son’s illness, and not hot by a long shot. In fact, he thinks he’s the poster boy for average.

But a “business” trip to Key West, rife with hunky models, sets a backdrop for a shot at true love…


“There’s my girl,” he said, smiling against her cheek.

Something in her broke, blossomed. Aubrey felt changed in that moment. She touched his face again, feeling the hardness of his jaw and the rasp of his stubble beneath her fingertips. She touched him that way because she had to. It was imperative to her heart—to what she was feeling.

“Come for me,” she begged him. It became so important to her to feel his pleasure in that moment that the beat of her heart felt somehow bigger, bolder, than it had before.

“I want just one more from y—”

Aubrey shook her head, thrust her hips up and took him in as deeply as her body would allow. She wrapped her legs around his waist and shoved her fingers in his hair. She tugged just enough to give him small, sharp bites of pain along his scalp.

He groaned and she squeezed her internal muscles as tightly as she could. When he groaned this time, she joined him, because the effort on her part stimulated her own body more than she’d anticipated.

Her breath tore out of her in little bursts and gasps and he wrestled her hands up above her head, pinning them there against her pillow. Aubrey fought him just a little, just for show, enough to get the friction and the excitement up.

He slammed into her so hard her head hit the headboard and she growled, “Yes.”

She squeezed again and he hissed, shook his head. “Christ,” he said.

It wasn’t a plea—it was an exclamation.

“I want you to come. Come for me, Mike…” She moved up a bit faster. When she caught his eye she stared him down. “Please.”

He bowed his head, shook it and went taut against her. His hands pinned her wrists so hard she could feel her trapped pulse hammering there.

“Aubrey,” he said, and let himself go.

Surprisingly, more to her than to him, when he came, she followed suit. Her body taking his in one more shuddering spasm.

Then he was kissing her again and Aubrey felt more right than she could remember feeling.

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Sommer Marsden is a professional dirty word writer, gluten free baker, sock addict, fat wiener dog walker, expert procrastinator. Called "one of the top storytellers in the erotic genre" by Violet Blue, Sommer Marsden writes for HarperCollins Mischief, Ellora's Cave, Excessica, Xcite Books and Resplendence Publishing. She's the author of numerous erotic novels including Poster Boy for Average, The Accidental Cougar, Lost in You, and Learning to Drown


P.S. Comment for a chance to win a poster! I'm feeling so proud of myself for coming up with that prize. What poster will you win? Well, it's a surprise! But it will be one I personally love.

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Miz Angell said...

I gotcha Sommer. I totally get that. It's the flash of desire in the otherwise too-good-to-be-true. I look for that everywhere. And when it's found - YOWZA. Watch out.