May 29, 2014

"...we wanted you to have this..."

Photo by Dilo Keith

I have no words. Which is, you know, rare for me. Dilo Keith sent me this picture with the note: "My models posed for the book and we wanted you to have this."

Oh, my goodness. I am in love. Please share. Please stare. Please admire the cleverosity (I made up a new term, didn't I?) for this amazing tableau.

Thank you, Dilo. You thrilled me to my filthy little core.



Jeremy Wright said...

Haha that is awesome!

dilokeith said...

You’re very welcome. I obviously can’t say the pleasure is all mine, but I love making these. Thanks for the rave review (and my new word!) – you made my day – okay, my week, maybe month.

And, I learned something important today. A neighbor asked me to take some pics at a church event this afternoon and I forgot about the NSN scene when scrolling back to show her what I’d taken. Fortunately (major understatement), my models appeared on-screen when the neighbor wasn’t looking. She’s one of the last people I’d tell about the raunchy side of my life. In the future, I’ll take some neutral shots after a naughty photo session.

Miz Angell said...

That's AWESOME. You have the best fans.