June 26, 2014

How to Save $8 Bucks...

...and support two writers!

Thomas Roche and I co-wrote His: 30 Erotic Tales Written Just for Him and Hers: 30 Erotic Tales Written Just for Her for my little indie publishing company Pretty Things Press. The books originally came out in January 2003. I'm sitting here, stunned by that, because I remember so clearly the lunch meeting in which the ever-so-debonaire Thomas described his unusual idea to me. We were in the Haight in San Francisco, and we were batting concepts back and forth when he pitched His & Hers.

Sidetrack... I have known Thomas for nearly twenty years. (How is that even possible?) He is one of my favorite writers—and one of my favorite people. At some point, I will figure out how many of his stories I've been lucky enough to publish. For now, I'll simply say, I light up when he emails me. I open his stories with anticipation and excitement and I'm rewarded every time.

Now, back to the post already in progress...

Each collection features 30 stories written directly to the "you" of the reader. We did not delineate which one of us wrote which stories. And honestly, flipping back through the books, even I have a difficult time remembering whose stories are whose.

It's a tangle. A slippery, sweaty tangle of words.

Check out this fabulous review of His. And here's a little bit more about Hers.

Up until this month, the books cost $8.99 each. I've reduced the price to $4.99 each. If you buy both books, you'll save $8 bucks and support an indie publishing house. All profits from these two collections go directly to the two of us. You get each story for about .16 cents. How cool is that?


P.S. If you are interested in reviewing one or both of the titles, please drop a note to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com.

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