June 04, 2014

I Believe In Love

I believe you love you who love.

That's it.

I believe you can be a woman in love with a woman/a man in love with a man/a woman in love with a man who is in love with *another* man. Oh, hell, this is turning into a dirty math problem. And it's too early for math. But basically, I believe in love.

I write the characters who enter my head. The ones who arrive in the night. The ones who show up at dawn. The ones who hammer on my window. The ones who sit next to me while I'm driving. I write the people down as they appear. Sometimes they're straight. Sometimes they're bi. Sometimes they've always been with one sex, and yet now... maybe they want to be with another. Sometimes they don't even know for sure exactly what turns them on. (Those are often my favorites.)

Occasionally, I start writing a story and I have no idea who my narrator is. Sandy, my bisexual, Dominant, switch narrator from Those Girls and Those Boys was like that. He showed up. He told me who he was. I listened. (You listen when Sandy talks.)

Hank, my character in Sitting Pretty, also a bi, male, Dom was like that as well. I thought he was a woman until he started talking about his cock. About how Dave would swallow him to the hilt. He was the type of Dom who simply topped. Men or women—he wasn't particular.

I write these characters because they exist and they deserve to be heard. I never sit down and think, Oh, I'm going to write about a straight man or a lesbian or a.... I just write.

My early novels—all ten for Masquerade—were lesbian-themed. I've been with women. I appreciate women. I enjoy fucking—and being fucked by—women. I was told I had a quality for these pulp novels that my publisher appreciated. A breathless quality. (I get that.)

The anthologies I edit have always included  a range of sexual genres. In fact, I've gotten flack for that. Naughty Stories from A to Z received a negative review because there was "too much homoerotica" in the book. I think out of the 27 stories, there are 8 gay or lesbian pieces. (A comment from another reader said, "Thanks for the informative review...I want some real good smutty stories about more than just straight couples getting it on...")

I write LGBTQ and H (hetero) because I write about people, and I write about love. It's as simple as that.



Jeremy Wright said...

Very well said! I love reading a variety characters with a variety of preferences. Can only do dominant male billionaire naive submissive female so many times before it gets stale.

lisekimhorton said...

Your post led to an epiphany for me because I would have said, no I don't write anything other than straight characters. Then I started thinking - and in fact, I have (though infrequently in erotica; moreso in erotic romance). They were not the protagonists, but I looked back and realized that I had relationships of a variety of folks, and also a variety of ethnic backgrounds, simply because that's who those characters "were" to me. Very liberating feeling! Thanks for opening my eyes just a bit wider.

Miz Angell said...

I love love. I am in love with being in love. I think it's fucked up my real life, but it's helped a lot with my writing. And I love reading about love. I don't care who it is or who's in love with who in love with who. Dirty math problem right?

Alison, you write about love so well, it's like falling and being in love each time.

And let's not forget really hot sex.