June 25, 2014

Random Kiss #3

I can see this in my mind... a kissing booth, painted glossy cotton-candy pink. But instead of $1.00 a kiss, the word "free" is written in bold, violet letters overhead. I'm standing in the booth wearing my treasured Levis and a faded "I want my MTV" shirt. And I'm way up on my tiptoes to kiss the next girl in line.

Sommer Marsden is my partner in crime 3,000 miles away. She's tall to my short, blonde to my dark, Lenny to my Squiggy. We're different here and there, but we share so many similarities that sometimes I have to check a story to see which one of us was the author. We're products of the 80s, and we have a rhythm, a cadence—we speak the same unspoken language, fluently.

Since the moment I fell in lust with the dreamy "She Looked Good In Ribbons" for Love at First Sting back in 2007—I have had the honor to publish more than 30 of her stories, including:

Disco Queen
The Three Billys
Racing to the Altar
The After-Dinner Hour
Boil or Bake
A Keeper
The Other Side of the Coin

I've also been supremely excited to be published by her in:

Hungry for Love
Coupling 2

But of course, while I might consider myself her Number 1 Fan (heh), I am far from alone. In my opinion, one of Sommer's best qualities is her ease in creating truly believable characters. You can feel their emotions. You walk with them, laugh with them, are shy when they're shy, embarrassed when they're embarrassed, aroused when they are aroused. You're sad when they're gone. (I have been known to finish one of her stories and turn back to the beginning to read it again, not willing, or ready, to say goodbye to the people on the pages.)

Her characters can be flat out sexy as all fucking hell—and they can be undeniably, painfully human—almost in the same breath. Sommer tackles important themes—loss, anxiety, social pressures—in positive, uplifting manners.

Then, of course, there's the smoking hot sex.

The note I read over and over while researching this piece was: "This book has a ton of sex" "there's a heck of a lot of sex" "hot, sweaty sex"—that's because Sommer Marsden is an ace sex writer. "I'm even giving this book a whole extra star simply for the imaginative and extremely well written sex scenes." "Marsden wickedly crafts extremely sexy, graphic scenes that still manage to move the story line along." "It starts with sex and ends with sex—hot sex—with lots and lots of it sprinkled in -between."

More facets of her personality can be see on her Pinterest. There she goes again, being all kinds of interesting, with boards on crafts, inspiration, "pretties to show," "crazy vintageness," "words," and items she covets.

Finally, Sommer is just nice. I don't use that word very often. (In fact, out of 4000+ posts, I've put up 300 with the word "nice," and most were promoting Naughty or Nice.) But Sommer is simply put one of the nicest people I've ever met. Do you need a hand? She's the first to offer hers. Did you get a flat? She'll stay by your side while you try to fix it. Is it raining? If she doesn't have an umbrella, she'll get wet with you. She is one of my all-time favorite people in the world. I am humbled to call her my friend.

Find Sommer at:
blog: sommermarsden.blogspot.com
twitter: @sommer_marsden
pinterest: Sommer Marsden


P.S. First five commenters will win a book featuring a story by Ms. Marsden.


Miz Angell said...

Wait! I wanna kiss Sommer too! Can we make that a three-way? :P

It's no secret to anyone how much I adore the woman - she's so inspirational that I want to be just like her. Well, except I want to be ME...well, you get it, I think. *grin*

I love you too Alison! But while it should go without saying, I'll say it again and again.

Cuz y'alls is awesome! (I have such a great grasp of the English language)

168d7130-34d4-11e2-91ad-000bcdcb5194 said...

I'm amazed at how versatile Sommer is, and her LION HEARTED is not to be missed if you love m/m (sigh, Luke!)...


Molly said...

I have just finishing reading Never say Never and I have to say Sommer's story in that was by far and away my favourite


Sammi said...

Sommer is just awesome!

bluekaren said...

I love Sommer Marsden work. I look for her stories in all the collections I read. I guess i didn't realize she has her won full length books. Now I am gonna have to get them.

Jana B said...

These sound like some great reads!

Alison Tyler said...

Thank you to all who commented. I'm happy to send books to all of you! Just drop me a note to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com with your snail mail address. I will mail copies out on Monday.