July 24, 2014

Get Ready for Summer Loving!

Our project for the incomparable Sommer Marsden is out! Yes, you can buy Summer Loving—our collection of 20 sultry stories—all over the interwebs. A huge, mega, 5-star thank you to Selena Kitt who took the manuscript and performed her magic and to Willsin Rowe for his beautiful, perfect cover. Because check this out...

All Romance—you can buy the e-book for the very special price of 69 cents!
Amazon US—Kindle
Amazon US—paperback
Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble

If you'd like a bit of history on the project, please check out these posts...

Summer Loving
Summer Summer Sommer

The table of contents is here. ALL profits go to Sommer and her family. What we'd love from you... please buy the book (that would be awesome) and review it—share it—help us spread the word.

I hadn't planned on doing an official tour, but I will keep track of all mentions right here. (Hit me with your links at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com.) I just spied these posts:

Everybody's Loving Summer by Angell Brooks
Summer Loving by Jodie Griffin
Those Boys and Summer Loving by A.M. Hartnett
Baby It's Hot Outside by Delilah Night

Thank you to everyone involved. Writers near and far, Tamsin Flowers (for originating the amazing idea), copy editors, cheerleaders — you all rock!



corrineasilver said...

I've been totally wowed by this since the first time I heard about it. Wowed again to see it come to fruition. Just bought my copy and am anticipating being wowed all over again when read it.

Jeremy Wright said...

Absolutely love this. Picked up a copy for me and then made an account on the allromance site and got one for the wife also. Great thing you all did here. It is refreshing to see a community of amazing talented people come together for this.

Sacchi Green said...

Just checking on which way to order is of most benefit to Sommer. Amazon paperback?

Alison Tyler said...

If you buy the paperback from Amazon, Sommer will receive the highest royalty!

Miz Angell said...

Ordered mine!! For Canadians, the shipping is a little high, but Amazon.ca only has the Kindle - as is usual for most of Sommer's books. But it's worth it. :)