July 20, 2014

"She’s made him real..."

I've been writing forever. (Not only since the wee hours of today, but I mean, I honestly can't remember a time when I didn't have a story in progress.) Once upon a time, my insanely divine history teacher—oh, man, everyone loved her—said we could pen a term paper on a specific decade, or write a story set in a decade that incorporated a certain amount of facts about the time period. (I've mentioned this before. I know.)

I chose the 1920s, and I wrote a piece about a sax player suffering a break-up who slips back in time 60 (or so) years, falls in love, and stays in the 20s. He happens to land just in time for the Valentine's Day Massacre, if I remember correctly—so I must have hit the tail end of the decade.

My teacher read the piece out loud, and my fellow classmates looked around madly for the author. Students guessed who'd written the story—and nobody (not one person) believed a girl was the author. It was a shocking revelation to my classmates that 1) a boy hadn't written the piece and 2) I could write like that.

Writing from a male POV is exciting to me. I've done it periodically over the years, and I'm always attempting to hone my skill. Which is why I'm thrilled to lead you over to Jade Waters' blog today for an interview with Sandy from Those Boys.

The novella will officially be released tomorrow. However, you can buy your copy today at Go Deeper Press!



Miz Angell said...

Is it time? It's now??? YAY. Gonna get my copy.

I love that you can write so well from the male POV. Next POV to conquer - the cat.


Alison Tyler said...