July 27, 2014

Trouble is His Middle Name!

Oh, dear lord. I don't know Yoda's last name. So I can't write Yoda "Trouble" (fill in the blank). I'm a failure at Star Wars. But I'm thrilled that Clitical Jenne played along with me! She ever-so-cleverly said, "Yoda was bound for trouble as soon as he saw the letter containing your tattoos and couldn't resist getting in on the fun." Don't forget to follow the Bound for Trouble Pinterest board! (If you want your own tattoo, just drop me a note at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com.)

Today, I'm over at Erotica for All with a little snippet from Those Boys—which now has 4 reviews. Thank you so much! You all rock my world.

Also, I thought I'd throw this out... If you would like to be part of a Summer Loving tour and you are an author or a reader, please let me know. Authors—if you want to provide backstory on your, um, story. Readers, if you're interested in doing little reviews. We're simply trying to spread the word! Same bat time. Same bat channel: msalisontyler at yahoo dot com. I'm thinking August.


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168d7130-34d4-11e2-91ad-000bcdcb5194 said...

Fear not--like Madonna and Cher, Yoda is just a one-name star. (And now I've got the old Weird Al song in my head...)