July 31, 2014

Wrapped Up

I feel as if I'm so behind, I need to do a wrap up. In case *you* want to be wrapped up by me, drop me a note with your snail mail address. Guess what I am going to send you? For the next tour... The Wrapped Around Your Finger tattoo tour... I had Buttonhead make Wrapped tattoos for—yes—your fingers!

But first...

Jade A. Waters pulled back the curtains to reveal the covers for His and Hers—(I will do two posts shortly with the TOCs of these anthologies.)

Malin James made my month with her review of Bound for Trouble. I've added this to my "Next 99" post and my Bound for Trouble Pop-up Porn Tour.

Thoughts of a Growing Sub deliciously reviewed The Delicious Torment.

Library Journal reviewed Bound for Trouble.

• I am working on a Summer Loving tour and Pinterest Board. Please help me out. If you spy mentions of the collection, hit me with a link at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com. (I try to be an omniscient narrator, but sometimes I end up in the first person present.)

• My winner of the A.M. Hartnett "Come Fuck Me" pencils is Tenille Brown—who was recently nominated for an African American Literary Award! Ms. Brown is an awesome lady. I'm pleased to have worked with her so many times over the years, including in this Pretty Things Press collection: Open.

I know I'm missing something. Someone. Somewhere. But for now, I'll pour another cup and surf Sephora.



Tenille said...

I won? Cool!

Jeremy Wright said...

Congrats Tenille!