August 05, 2014

Rachel "Bound for Trouble" Kramer Bussel

Oooh, I have a new picture for my Bound for Trouble tattoo tour! This one is from the engagingly erotic editrix Rachel Kramer Bussel! The synchronicity of seeing her email in my box this morning is that I was talking to someone about Bedding Down yesterday!

"It's Not the Weather" in Bedding Down was (I think) the first novella I ever wrote.

Here's my first mention—or, at least, an early one, back in December 08. A reviewer gave me a dreamy nod here. And I riffed on the hallucinogenic key word phrases during one of my insane insomniac moments.

I'm more comfortable with novellas now. Not totally comfortable, mind you. But more comfortable. I've penned five for Harlequin, two for Go Deeper, one for Pretty Things Press, and I'm up to my garter belt in a brand-spanking new one for a tip-top-secret project.

But I will always be grateful to Rachel for the invitation to Bedding Down. She was a sweet first date into a brave new way of writing.

I've got several tattoos to spare if you're interested in joining the tour. Hit me at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com!


1 comment:

Rachel said...

I'm glad I could get you into novella writing, which you do fabulously! Love the tattoo and I'm excited to read Bound for Trouble.