August 20, 2014

You Rock My World.

Seriously. There's no better way to say it. Today, Justine Elyot posted a — yes, you guessed it — post about Summer Loving. Please visit her blog to read her fabulous write-up. (And here's a little bit from Justine about her sultry On Demand.) Ms. Elyot wows me every time I read her work. She understands exactly how much glitter of humor to sprinkle over her stories. I've been known to gasp with laughter while reading her pieces — and I've also been known to dog-ear the pages to peruse privately if I've made the mistake of attempting to edit one of her steamy passages in public!

The seriously sexy Emerald also wrote a dreamy piece about the collection. You can read her words here, and follow (or even join!) the tour here. (Did I miss you? Please kiss me with your link!) There are no rhymes or rules. I'm adding links as they pop up and keeping track as best as I can.

Visit Emerald's Erotica Cove if you want to be blown away by one hell of a bookshelf! In my opinion, her giant "E" is for Erotic, Extraordinary, Engaging, and Effortlessly Empathetic! We need more Emeralds in the world—and I don't mean the gems.

Thank you to everyone who is spreading the word for Summer Loving. This was a true labor of love in so many ways!


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