October 19, 2014

Alison on the Rocks

As you can see, I've been busy. Here is my second new collection of short stories—this one with a bar theme. If you gaze behind the handsome bartender—oh, gosh, I think he just winked at you!—you'll be able to see the stories up on the menu:

Last Call
Stirring Up Trouble
Sitting Pretty
Prix Fixe

The pieces have appeared in previous collections—although some are no longer in print and nearly impossible to locate. The kink—and there is plenty of kink—covers gangbangs, spanking, anal, bondage, menage, humiliation, punishment, and more.

I've pushed the envelope this time, with stories written from the point of view of a cocktail waitress, a bisexual male furnisher refurbisher, a wife on the verge of her first gangbang, a woman on a date with the type of sadistic man she's never run into before....

The book should be live by tomorrow, and I'm on the edge of my barstool to hear what people think. The cover is by the ridiculously talented Riendo who always makes my heart beat faster.

In other news, Publishers Weekly—which is the holy grail of magazines for writers—gave my latest collection a starred review. I'm so unbelievably pleased I cannot even say. The original spark for the idea occurred nearly eight years ago, and even with a title change, the reviewer was able to see my goal. PW said: 

"Most of the stories feature the realization of long-held fantasies—about a person, an act, or both—in ways that build a solid emotional basis for the splendid sex. This anthology is a must-read for anyone fancying a bit of play at work."

So authors, please give yourself a gold star for this one!


P.S. Want to review "Alison on Top" or "Alison on the Rocks"? Give me a ring at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com.

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Miz Angell said...

*adding this to purchase list*

And the handsome bartender just gave me his digits (wait, do people say that these days or am I hopelessly dated?)