October 27, 2014

Trollop with a Question #28

A fabulous thing someone said to you. Quick. What comes to mind?

It's so easy—at least for me—to remember the cruel things. The put-downs. The snide remarks. The snarky asides. (Did they all happen in junior high, or is that simply my imagination?)

But the flip of that. The compliment you didn't expect. The sticky-note with the happy message on your coffee cup. The heart drawn in dust on your windshield.

I don't need the very best thing that anyone ever said in your entire life. Just one example that stands out. The lifted you up. The made you smile all day long.


P.S. If you answered last week's query, send me a note at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com. I actually have a really incredibly cool prize to send to everyone. I'm so pleased with myself.


Miz Angell said...

"Your father would be proud."

Those are the best words a Daddy's girl can hear - especially when Daddy's no longer around.

Jo said...

Ah, I think I'll keep it in its little golden bubble.

Apart from that, any time anyone's said anything nice about my writing, it's filled me with an astounded, gratified glow.

Eva Gantz said...

Someone told me I'm a badass. I'm not used to people perceiving me as emotionally strong - it was one of the sweetest things she could have said.

168d7130-34d4-11e2-91ad-000bcdcb5194 said...

"You're the best person I know" was a thrill, for sure.


Molly said...

You should totally check out the site Someone Once Told Me. It is 7 years worth of a post a day of peoples various 'someone once told me' sayings. Mine is in there somewhere. I met Mario at an event in London and my SOTM was... You are the most wonderful Slut. I was very proud!

This site is an amazing piece of personal social history



CJ Lemire said...

"This is a compelling read and deserves to be out in the world."