November 06, 2014

Filthy Housewives: Very Explicit Erotica

Hello, Beautiful! I have a story in this collection, and I'm so excited to read the whole book. The title is available for pre-order now!

Let me say right now that I adore the cover. So stylish. So cool! And I love the font. (You know me and a good font.)

Here's something funny. When I checked Amazon to see if the book was available, I typed in "Violet Blue Filthy Housewives." This is what came up. Seriously. What's a housewife pillowcase? Well, I guess that is. Hmmm. Maybe I need one...



Emerald said...

Ah, yes, the cover has polka dots and everything! As one of your Pinterest followers, I'm not surprised you love it. ;D


Sheri Savill said...

Re: typing the search ... I just typed in "Alison" in Google, to find this blog. And Google was all, "Alison who?" and I was all, "You know, ALISON, goddammit." Stupid Google.