November 30, 2014

"For a good time..."

"Consider this my official entry..." Jennifer Peters

I almost can't believe this happened. I swear, it was kind of a joke. But situations like this are what make me absolutely adore the internet. (And I haven't been adoring it much lately.)

See, I was talking with the delightful and witty Jennifer Peters (who is an associate editor of RT Book Reviews and contributing editor at Penthouse) and she said, "Reading you is always a good time."

The way my filthy, bathroom-stall mind works—I went immediately to graffiti, and I said, "I can see that scrawled on a bathroom wall."

"Don't tempt me," she quipped. "I have markers and access to bathroom walls the world over..."

"And then I invented a contest in which people sent me snapshots of their erotic bathroom wall graffiti," I responded.

"Consider this my official entry," she said. So I did.

I can't tell you how thrilled this makes me—I smiled to myself about the photo all night long.


1 comment:

Will LaForge said...

*WEG* Well, well...that has got to be the ultimate compliment for an erotica author. Outstanding.