November 20, 2014

On Fire

I fell hard for these matchbox "books" as soon as I saw them. Some of my favorite titles are here. I have probably read The Godfather more than any other novel. I loved Catch-22. I immediately wanted matchbox books of *my* books. (Wouldn't that be the coolest swag ever?) Even better, the name of the ETSY store is Matchmakers. Swoon.

A few months ago, I came up a concept for a contest in which people created crafts that would fit in matchboxes. Look! Matchmakers beat me to the punch. And remember last year when I created a series of holiday gift guides for different dollar amounts? These are making me think I should compile new lists this December. Especially, because you can buy individual matchboxes like the one for Lolita on the left.

Speaking of things that are on fire (points, please, for a slightly clever segue before six a.m.)... Violet Blue's new Filthy Housewives collection is all lit up with glittering reviews:

"These wife-centered fantasies are a literary feast for the senses."

"Each story introduces the reader to a new couple engaging their sexuality in order to give life to their horny imaginings."

"Pretty filthy. Hot."

"Such a fun and kinky book..."

"Seven sizzling stories in this volume offer a smorgasbord of fantasies and kink that will satiate any appetite."

I'm not sure if Filthy Housewives could handle being on a matchbox. I think the boxes might spontaneously combust!


P.S. I'm working on a poetry post and a typo post right now. Apparently my brain crossed the wires and I started working on a pottery post.


Miz Angell said...

Haven't had the pleasure of reading it yet, but am looking forward to it for certain.

And those matchbooks are so cute! I went through a period where I collected matchbooks from anywhere and everywhere.

Angel Rivera said...

Noticed -The Godfather- as well, which is one of my favorite books, and I have reread it too a few times. Nice little items.

As for the book, have not read it yet, but I keep hearing good things about it. May have to get it a bit sooner to share with the Better Half.

Best, and keep on blogging.