November 02, 2014

"...stripped-to-the-slutty/smutty core..."

After I took this picture, I rescued Carry's Story, which had been hidden.
I'm on the verge of being able to share a new cover with you. I'm unbelievably excited about this. The collection is classy, sexy, dirty, and packaged in the type of pretty wrapper that makes me six kinds of happy. The editor is one of my favorites in the industry, and I'm always honored to work with her. As soon as I get the go-ahead, I'll be posting again.

But I can't share the cover yet. So instead, I'm drinking my coffee, writing, and trying not to go on a Sephora spending spree. (Which is difficult at 3 in the morning, because there is nothing I'd rather do right now than indulge my Vice.)

To keep myself busy, I'll share this review I tripped over yesterday. It's about year old—I hadn't even realized the reboot of Down & Dirty had been out this long!

The reviewer states: "The 'standout stories' below are above-average for this often pornoriffic genre in that they managed to import some memorability, some lingering meanings and some interesting characters and scenarios into their frakking. This anthology is worth owning if you're a reader who appreciates stripped-to-the-slutty/smutty core reads with an occasional excellent microstory to spice up the printed proceedings." 

The entire review is here and names nineteen stories that caught the reviewer's attention.

I love this review. And in a week in which I felt demoralized by publishing and saddened by what appears to be the dog-eat-dog type of behavior I refuse to engage in—this pitch-perfect, spot-on write-up helped put me back on track.

Honestly, I just want to say the words over and over: "stripped-to-the-slutty/smutty core." Fabulous enough for a t-shirt, maybe. Hmmm. Maybe that's the next 3 a.m. project.


P.S. Notice how the erotica appears under the heading "Sexuality."

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Miz Angell said...

Your reviewers always find the prettiest words to praise you with. They are poetry, and they are truth.

I hope you're feeling better ducky. (I've always wanted to call someone that. LOL)