November 03, 2014

Trollop with a Question #29

I forgot what the time change does to me. I don't know how I forgot. But I forgot. Yesterday, I woke up at 1:30, which really made no sense to anyone. Today, I was thrilled to wake up at 4:30. So hang in with me while I try to make my brain reboot. (Mmmm. This coffee seems to be helping.)

I had scribbled this week's question on the back of an envelope on my desk, and then I recycled the envelope. Because I am terribly organized like that. So completely off the cuff, here is this week's question:

What is your spirit animal?

No. No. No. I'm just kidding.

Do you have a uniform? I don't mean for work. I mean, for normal. Since forever, I have worn Levi's, a t-shirt, and boots or Vans. (My poor Vans above need to be retired. But I love them.) I am very aware that I have a comfort zone with clothing. Yes, I'll wear skirts or dresses, but my go-to, my favorite look has hardly changed after decades. It's armor at this point.

How about you?


P.S. If you answered last week's question—well, you know the drill. Send me a note with your snail mail address to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com so I can wing you a prize.


Jillian said...

Jeans, boots and any kind of shirt. Polish on my nails, hair in a ponytail. The boots are essential - wearing a sturdy pair of boots makes me feel more grounded and on top of things.

Jeremy Wright said...

Nike shoes, jeans and a Red Sox or Patriots T-shirt. Bruins hat

168d7130-34d4-11e2-91ad-000bcdcb5194 said...

Lots of T-shirts (usually bands, occasionally Sharks hockey or souvenirs from events), jeans or black pants, sneakers...


Geeky Nymph said...

Brightly colored/patterned dresses, leggings and maryjane styled shoes.

Miz Angell said...

Jeans, boots - gotta have my boots, hoodie/jean jacket (only if jeans on legs are black or other colour - I do not rock the Canadian tuxedo despite being Canadian), and t-shirt.

If I'm at home however, it's leggings/boxers, huge t-shirt/sweatshirt and fuzzy socks. And of course NO BRA.

CJ Lemire said...

Gap jeans (yes, I know they're dad jeans), a polo shirt, and topsiders in the summer or hiking boots in the winter.

Cheyenne Blue said...

Depending on climate: shorts/jeans, birkenstocks/boots, tee shirt/fleece. Weird color matching. Messy hair. No make up. What's a dress? The overall look is untidy.

Sheri Savill said...

Shorts and tank tops (like, girly ones). Otherwise a simple t-shirt dress. Otherwise, 'fetish' wear (but no, not to the supermarket). Heh. Can't wear pants anymore, just to fucking hot here. Overall I have a goth/alt/bikerish/don't-give-a-fuck look (ink etc.). Whatever the Stepford wife Liz Claiborne thing is? I'm the opposite of that. Hence my lack of bonding with my neighbors. Heh.