November 10, 2014

Trollop with a Question #30

Listening to my parents tell their one favorite joke is far funnier than the joke itself. Which gave me the idea for today's question:

What is your favorite punch line?

That's it. Not the joke. But the punch line.

The one that my folks adore is: "You're probably right, but what's time to a pig?"

If you answered last week's question, please drop me your snail mail address to msalisontyler at yahoo dot com so I can gift you. And if you have a moment, slip over to Violet Blue's site to check out her fabulous new collection, Filthy Housewives.

Back tomorrow with a new "Two-Fer Tuesday." I'm working really hard this week to pay attention to what day it is!



Jeremy Wright said...

That's a tough one. This one is kind of a joke, kind of a punchline. But where I first worked.. No matter what you were actually doing. When the main boss or floor lead came around. We would say " Nothing, What are you doing!?" In a very guilty/ defensive tone. First few times the boss would get really suspicious and sneak around to see what we were actually up to.

The few people that went along with it we will still occasionally say " Nothing, What are you doing!?" On each others Facebook wall

168d7130-34d4-11e2-91ad-000bcdcb5194 said...

The one that springs to mind is the punch line of a BLOOM COUNTY comic strip panel and not a joke per se, but I still say it works:

"It's a penguin. Sez he's calling from inside a toilet bowl."


Michael Orth said...

The Aristocrats!

Miz Angell said...

"So, mom's up on the roof...." said...

'I once sang 'Come on, Eileen' and I've NEVER done that!'