November 18, 2014

Two-Fer Tuesday Part Two: Dante Davidson

For the second portion of today's "two-fer," I'm pleased to post an excerpt from Dante Davidson's smoking hot "Eggshell, Ecru, and Linen" featured in Violet Blue's new star-studded collection Filthy Housewives. (Note for those keeping score: I have devoured the entire collection and am humbled to have the kick-off story in the book.)

Here is a snippet from the collection which as Dante's trademark style painted all over it:

I held my tongue barely, and watched as the trio of men began to work over my wife. They seemed to require greater access, too, because in only a few minutes, they unbound her and positioned her on her hands and knees. She was ass toward the camera now, so I couldn’t see her face. I was a little sad about that, but not too sad. With Sheila in this position, I was able to watch her ass redden as Troy delivered a bum-blistering spanking with Sheila’s favorite paddle. Sheila would have cried out. I know the sounds she makes when I punish her sweet peach-split of an ass. But she couldn’t. Not blowing the dark-haired painter like that. Roger had gotten in front of her and was gripping onto her short birch-blonde hair and helping her find the rhythm he desired. I heard her gag a little around the girth of his cock, and I unzipped my own slacks and got a hand around my Johnson.
            “Look how she arches her back for the next spank,” the tattooed stud observed. “She’s such a little pain slut.”
            “Why don’t you put it in her ass, then?” asked Matthew.
            “After I spank her a little more. See, she gave me this…” the blond was holding something I recognized intimately: a paint chip. I bit down on a laugh. Sheila had given her punisher a stiff card that featured five different shades of red. I could see that one of the hues was circled. The painter spanked Sheila a few more times and then held the paint chip against her ass.
            “Perfect,” he said, and Sheila moaned in agreement.
            “Lube, dude?” the dark-haired man offered the blond.
            “Wait… wait,” said Matthew. To my delight, he was a wiseass. He grabbed a new brush, the type used for fine detailing, and he lubed up the bristles. While the surfer held open Sheila’s asscheeks, Matthew started to paint lube all around her anus. Oh, God. My precome was leaking out of my dick now. Who would have thought to use a brush like that? Sheila was mewling around the dark-haired painter’s cock. She was moaning and sighing but never letting go of the dick in her mouth. At least, not until the next painter wanted his turn. The men tussled for a second, vying for position…
            “I’m taking her ass,” said the blond. “I need to be in this hole.” He started to finger her asshole as he spoke, and I just bet that Sheila was on the cusp of her first climax. She can come from having her anus stimulated. And now with her choice of cocks in front of her, she must have felt transported.
            “Back and forth,” the blond told her. “You suck Roger and then Matthew. See which one you can get off first.” He wanted her to take the cocks in turn, but Sheila seemed to have another idea. She motioned for the men to move together as she tried to get two cockheads in her mouth at once. My greedy girl…

Reviewers have spoken: "I love the way Violet Blue puts an anthology together." "Literary porn at its finest." " erotic feast for the senses..."

So pleased to be promoting this collection from Digita Publications. Be on the lookout for more exciting, erotic, and affordable books from Digita in the future!



Jeremy Wright said...

His story in Filthy Housewives was so good. Definitely need to check out the rest of his stuff.

Miz Angell said...

Holy hotness!!