November 12, 2014

Violet Beautiful

Gorgeous, glittery disco ball courtesy of my favorite artist, Riendo. Honestly, I see a picture like this, and I want to write the perfect story to match the image. At the moment, I am simply staring in awe. But I thought this would be an ideal photograph to post with my brand-new giveaway.

I am so excited to have ten copies of Violet Blue's latest collection Filthy Housewives. To receive a copy, you simply need to write a review for Amazon. Hit me with your snail mail address at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com if you'd like a PDF.

The book is very exciting to me. An absolutely unusual collection from one of the top editors in the industry. I love everything about this one. The cover. The font. The layout. The little clever additions throughout. I can't wait to hear what readers think!


P.S. Tomorrow, I will post the winner to A.M. Hartnett's Halloween extravaganza. And I'll try to do a round-up and an update.

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