December 26, 2014

I'm Torn...

I am at the tipping point of working on too many projects at once. I like to have multiples—read that anyway you want—but there will come a time when my stories start to run away from me. Currently, I'm trying to wrap up several different stragglers so that I can finish the projects they belong to. I would say my New Year's resolution is to be more organized in this manner.

But I know myself.

This is simply the way I work.

Lately, I have been pushing forward on new short stories, finishing up long-lingering novels, and reformatting older works so that they can join the brave new world of modern technology. (If I can't, at least my words can.)

Still, I'm torn. I sat down this morning to work on Alison's Cheating Heart, and Alison Gets Schooled keeps flirting with me. I guess I'll be bi-literal today and work on both projects.

Speaking of Torn—check my fancy 5:55 a.m. segue—if you would like to try our five-story collection Torn, the book is now on sale for $2.99. The title features Sophia Valenti, Thomas Roche, Sommer Marsden, and Jax Baynard. The cover is all Riendo, of course. In fact, here she is reading the print copy!

Finally, if you are an author and you haven't received your copies of any of my titles, please drop me a note so I can take care of the situation. And if you are a reader, and you are missing promised titles from me, please do the same. There seems to have been a glitch—and some addresses fell through the cracks. I would love to make things right. I'm at msalisontyler at yahoo dot com.


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Jo said...

That's my title! And my favourite Queen of Indecision phrase :)