January 28, 2015

Alison's Cheating Heart

Some projects take me awhile. I first mentioned this book in October, and finally! Alison's Cheating Heart is available for sale. With these little themed collections, I am going back in time (sometimes 20 years) to gather stories. Alison's Cheating Heart features:

Milk and Honey
The Pick-Up Artist
Some Like It Hot
Bachelor's Dessert
I'd Fuck You for Free *
Well Trained
A Bad Girl Like Yourself *

The two * are actually cheating sex dreams I had. The rest are stories. Peeled has never been published before. It's written from a male POV and is probably one of my favorite recent stories. Heat was originally selected for Best Women's Erotica (I think in 2002) under the title "Evian." Milk and Honey appeared in I is for Indecent. The Pick-Up Artist was featured in Gritty. Some Like It Hot anchored Playing with Fire. Bachelor's Dessert was written for BastardLife. Well Trained appeared in my solo collection Exposed.

Riendo is responsible for the most beautiful cover. Her artwork delights me.

Heat was based on an actual job I had for 2.6 seconds in Hollywood. I beat out a lot of competitors and lasted a day. First line:

This is what she said: "I'd appreciate if you didn't wear diaphanous clothing around my husband."

Milk and Honey was based on an actual relationship I had in my early twenties. First line:


The Pick-Up Artist came to me, fully written, completely fleshed out. First line:

Valentine's Day at a singles bar.

Some Like It Hot features a job I had, a roommate I lived with, two men I knew. First line:

You get heat in the summer time.

Bachelor's Dessert was built around a conversation I engaged in with a stranger at the grocery store. First line:

We have a standing date every Saturday night.

Well Trained is one of my gym stories. I have a thing for trainers, and I like watching people's interaction at the gym. First line:

My men have always been vice inflicted.

Peeled falls into my past-tense verb stories: Burned, Pierced, Fined, Broken, Screwed.... First line:

We were all shocked by John's behavior.

The book covers not only cheating, but kink of all types. (You know me. How could I do a book without kink?) I truly hope you enjoy the stories!



Miz Angell said...

Definitely my next purchase. Basically that means as soon as I get home from work. :D

Jeremy Wright said...

I am a terrible employee. I picked it up at work. Love kindle for android.