January 17, 2015

"Oh, she's lovely. Is she real?"

Playing with words is my hobby. Yes, I write for a living. But I juggle words for pleasure. I roll them on my tongue. I look up definitions a bit obsessively. A day doesn't pass without me learning a new word.

Once upon a college, I won a deejay spot by penning a 50-word piece about why I wanted to be a deejay. The radio station said mine was the only entry that did not begin, "I want to be a deejay because..." (Mine was a murder mystery. I know I've said. But I'm still proud.)

Writer.ly delights me. I don't know anything about the owner of the site. But I love the prompts. Whenever I have a chance, I take a shot. Six words on a theme. It's like gambling, somehow. Rolling the words as if they were dice. I fucking love it.

Yesterday's prompt was: "In six words or fewer write a story about what you see out your window."

And I was too sick to play. The best I could come up with was: "Oh, she's lovely. Is she real?"

My six words are based on a scene out the window—but it was out the window of my car.

If you get a chance, play along!


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