January 13, 2015

Two-Fer Tuesday Part Two: Sophia Valenti

Here I am, back again, with your double-shot of Sophia Valenti (who loves coffee as much as I do). This story is from one of our anal collections—Happily Ever Anal. Her story is called "Thinking Outside the Box," and the piece is one of my favorites.

This is the start of the story...

Thinking Outside the Box
By Sophia Valenti

I had a little problem. Actually, it was a big problem, and it was sitting in the palm of Jake’s hand. It’s impressive how such a tiny velvet box can hold so much anxiety.
But, of course, a ring isn’t just a ring when it’s a shiny diamond that represents the rest of your life. If his gift were only a rock and some metal, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but this ring represented so much more than that. It was a symbol of hopes and dreams, and the promise of a future for which I wasn’t sure I was ready.
I’d wondered what was up all evening. Jake had seemed unusually excited as he’d prepared dinner. I initially thought it was because he was eager to show off the skills he’d learned at his latest cooking class. However, that hadn’t turned out to be the case.
He’d set the table with fine china and lit cream-colored tapers, creating a romance-movie moment. I appreciated that he’d gone through so much effort to prepare and serve us such a wonderful meal. However, it was what happened after dessert that truly surprised me.
As I enjoyed the last morsel of my chocolate mousse, I glanced up to see Jake staring at me, his blue eyes shining happily. With his slightly mussed blond hair and expectant grin, he looked as irresistibly sweet as he was sexy. I smiled at him, and my gaze dipped downward—and that’s when I saw the little black box in his hand. As he opened it to reveal the sparkly solitaire inside, panic rose in my chest. I know he spoke, but it took a moment for his words to register in my brain: “Will you marry me?”
My spoon fell from my hand, clattering against the china.
Not waiting for a verbal response—thank goodness—Jake told me that he knew I’d need time to think about his proposal. But he followed up those words by saying that he’d made up his mind about me—that he wanted to spend the rest of his life by my side. He could wait, and he’d be there for me when I was ready.
My snarky subconscious was quick to pipe up: And how long is that gonna take?
Jake put the box in my palm and closed my fingers around it. His hand was warm and comforting on top of mine, and I managed another smile and a nod, which was good enough for him, being the patient soul that he is. As he turned his attention to the last bite of his dessert, I wondered what was wrong with me. Here I had the perfect guy who wanted to give me the perfect life, one that any of my friends would envy. Yet I was unable to grasp the proverbial brass ring—or more literally, the gleaming platinum one.
It’s not that I didn’t love him—I did. I just wasn’t sure I was ready to make such a commitment. I’d always lived life on the fly, doing what I wanted in that second and swirling with the current of the moment—until Jake showed up. He’d been wonderful, and even though my life had become slightly more routine because of him, I didn’t mind. I think that’s what scared me the most—that this sort of unexpected happiness was so ... comfortable. I’d seen countless television gurus swear that a good relationship took work and sacrifice, and I’d decided early on that being someone’s wife wasn’t for me. I didn’t have time to devote to that sort of “work,” especially when there were no guarantees of success. But dating Jake was nothing like the relationships on TV. He and I got along perfectly from the get-go. We’d been friends for a long while before lust kicked in—and once it did, there was no turning back. As great as it was, however, a part of me still worried about how our relationship would affect my goals. That concern always seemed to be in the back of my mind, and I found it impossible to shake.
The first time Jake had mentioned marriage, I’d shrugged my shoulders, telling him that I didn’t think I was cut out to be a wife. I had plans, and though I never said it out loud, I couldn’t understand how being so intertwined with another person could help me fulfill my dreams. Jake seemed nonplussed by my response, casually reasoning that perhaps I’d change my mind someday. I didn’t think it likely, but I wasn’t interested in arguing. I was more interested in climbing onto his lap and riding his dick to an earth-shattering climax, which I did only a few seconds later.
How I’d felt that night was similar to the way I did at that moment: I wanted—no, I needed—a distraction to take my mind off of this life-changing decision, at least for a little while, and the distraction I wanted most was Jake’s rock-hard cock.
I placed the black box on the table and leaned forward to kiss Jake. He embraced me, swiping his tongue across my lips and growling softly when my mouth opened to let him in. I closed my eyes, enjoying the ticklish way his tongue flicked against mine, teasing swirls that mimicked the delicious dance he’d demonstrated against my clit more times than I could recall. I nearly melted in his arms as he slid his hands upward, cupping my head and tangling his fingers in my ebony tresses. He tightened his grip on my hair, holding me in place as he claimed me with his kisses. I liked the feeling of being so possessed, so wanted. And just like that, all of my nerves disappeared, my concerns having flown out of my head. I abandoned myself to the physical sensations that were thrilling my body: the pulsing of my clit, the ache in my pussy, and my growing desire for his dick.
Jake’s hands slid down my back, leaving a trail of tingling flesh in their wake. I could feel the warmth of his hands through the thin fabric of my dress, and I wanted more. Wetness was pooling between my pussy lips, and as I squirmed in my seat, my swollen clit rubbed against the crotch of my panties, the white cotton offering just enough friction to make me moan. As we continued to trade kisses, I rested my palms on his chest, feeling his heart beat under my fingertips. Working my hands down the front of his shirt, I opened his buttons and parted the fabric. I wanted to feel bare skin against bare skin, and I caressed his naked chest, my fingers grazing his tiny nipples and tickling his taut stomach. I enjoyed the way his breath caught in his throat when my fingers dipped inside his waistband.
Jake broke our lip-lock in a hurry, scooping me up into his arms. As he carried me toward his bedroom, I clung to him tightly, nestling my face in his neck and feeling as if that was exactly where I belonged.
In the bedroom, Jake lowered me to the mattress, and in seconds he’d covered my body with his. Bending my legs, I hugged him with my thighs as I wrapped my arms around him. I could feel his thick erection, nestled underneath his jeans, and I wriggled my body against his. He responded in kind, pumping his hips toward me as his hands explored my curves.
Between breathless kisses, Jake and I helped each other strip until there was nothing between us but his unanswered question. His query was a distant whisper in my mind, and while Jake may have been thinking of it as well, from the look on his face, he seemed to have more pressing concerns, and for that I was thankful.
Leaning down, Jake tongued one of my nipples, maddeningly light flicks that made me desperate for a rougher touch. I arched my back, encouraging him to take more of my breast into his mouth, but he would have none of that. Jake pushed me against the mattress, holding me down and letting me know he was in charge, but that didn’t stop me from trying to be bad.
Reaching between us, I took hold of Jake’s hard shaft, stroking him with a firm hand. As my fingers rode up and down his dick, I could hear the subtle change in his breathing, from slow and steady to ragged and erratic, and he pumped his hips toward me and fucked my fist.
Encouraged by the flush that covered his cheeks and the ecstatic look on his face, I drew him closer and rubbed his cock against my wet slit. The head of his dick slid along my hot, slick flesh, up and down and back up again to nudge my sensitive clit. The act was as much of a tease for me as it was for him. When I couldn’t wait another minute, I held him poised at my entrance and lifted my hips to beckon him inside me—and that’s when my careful attempt at seduction was turned on its head.
Rearing back, Jake pulled away from me and slipped out of my grasp, uttering, “Oh, no you don’t, you naughty girl.” His words were immediately followed by a low, throaty laugh that sent shivers down my spine. “You always like to pretend you’re surrendering,” Jake whispered, “and then you try to turn the tables.”
I thought about defending my innocence, but he was absolutely right—and we both knew it.
“But I want you, Jake. I want you to fuck me,” I murmured, reaching out for him.
“Don’t worry, baby, I’ll fuck you,” he said as he grabbed my wrist, “but it’ll be how I want and where I want.”
There was a hint of danger, a sexy threat implied in his words that flooded my body with indecent excitement. But that was nothing compared to the way I felt when he grabbed the belt from his nearby bathrobe, rolled me over, and tied my wrists together behind my back.
I didn’t fight him, nor did I didn’t want to. I’d started this scene to avoid making a certain decision, and now I didn’t have to make any. It was oddly relaxing, freeing even. Being bound, I felt absolved from any sort of action. I was entirely naked and putting myself in his hands, trusting him to deliver whatever sort of wicked pleasure he desired...

Thank you to Sophia for being today's two-fer. Be sure to follow her on Twitter and visit her blog!  


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